Thursday, 14 June 2018

Latest group of 28mm commissions

 This is quite a roughly designed figure and difficult to get a clean  paint surface. It doesn't facilitate fine blending but encourages  the  very obvious , over shaded / highlighted look. The detail is ambiguous  on the  middle  -  the  waist-belt / armour and around the left foot. I don't know what they are meant to be and its not clear from the design. I do like the proportions though. This is a lean and lanky  desert warrior, completely unencumbered with anything useful  other than a sword. His  headdress is a ridiculous trip-hazard!

 Another, less than inspired figure -  a generic, mediaeval, thief type. Much cleaner  designed and consequently much easier to paint than the last figure, i do like the grumpy face.


 So this female warrior  has lots of nice, clean definition, especially given the amount of clobber she's wearing -  at least five layers of clothes! The detail was really easy to pick out and she could easily be made into a  real display piece.

Although low in detailed  kit , this  fairly basic desert figure, gives lots of scope for  adding historical flavour to the robes and shemahg. He seems to be wearing a greek-style  cuirass under his robe.

This Phaeronic Anubite has loads of detail in his  armour and would repay serious  detailed work, beyond my current budget. Lots of different textures and patterns . A choice  piece for developing painting skills if you have

the time!

Although this figure is  rather non-descript, the  torso and armour are very finely rendered and it's an interesting pose. The arms and legs   are less well defined, no real seperation between the gloves/ hands and arms. Similarly, there seems to  be bindings on the legs  but it's not easy to make them out. Shame, as this could have been a good figure.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Character commissions 28mm D+D

Another batch of commissions from my good friend and customer.

from left to right - A samurai type with gold mask and metallic black  armour/ sword,
Hagrid on a bad day - barbarian-esque axe wielding maniac,  a really great dog , which looked like a mastiff to me, so painted accordingly. (I know they come in other colours , but I liked this one)

followed by a ninja wearing a Noh mask and an icy wasteland type wizard (probably just an old guy who forgot to take his meds and thinks he's a wizard!)

All nice figures to paint, and lots of variety to keep my attention from wandering off.
Thanks for looking :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Chaos knights Games Workshop 28mm

As-part of   a large haul of GW figures, I've tried my first chaos knights.  These are based on plastic horses which makes them compatible with the various renaissance gendarmes  that come from Foundry and others.

They're not based yet as I'm still undecided whether to base them for HoTT / DBA style games or keep them single mounted for skirmishes.

Games Workshop renaissance mercenaries 28mm

Picked up these old plastics very cheaply as part of a box load of figures. along with a couple of hundred comrades, a couple of dozen chaos knights and more chaos warriors and artillery than you can shake a stunted tentacle at.

They are pretty basic figures, detail is a bit weak, but nonetheless they'll make up the rank and file of a larger army just fine. Had these three partially done for over two years, so got around to finishing them as part of avoiding essay writing. Nothing to write home about, just a try-out, before I wade into the rest of the army. :)

28mm Giant possibly Grenadier

 Had this old figure mooching around the loft for ever, so thinking about  needing a proper giant for my 15mm fanatasy armies I decided to give him a fresh start. he must be around 30 years old at least and he was heaviliy patinated , so after a coat of anti-rust he got his first paint - job.  I did try to get a luminous futhark rune on his axe but it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Guess I can use him as a nordic god  or just a troublesome neighbour. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

More 28mm fantasy comissions.

Just finished these  six figures for my good  friend and customer :)

Orbis - the she-dwarf ! Wot no beard?

Next is her green wearing nemesis - Pirantar- the pointy eared princess

Olfreya- the valkyrie

 Dog the assassin

Eola, the blonde bard

and last but not least Raggard the dwarven were-tiger ( as if being a dwarf wasn't punishment enough)

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Stunty Fighter, Green Knight and Dragon

Couple of figures from previous commissions plus one from the current batch -
The dragon  was a huge resin casting, which needed a lava-like feel. I had my doubts initially but my  client's enthusiasm saw the project through :)

I'll try and get a better pic sometime - meanwhile here's  the Green Knight; I think the shield is a modification.

And finally... a  stunty -  all in black apart from silver and gold armour and weapons ( as requested )